Clinical Psychology is a centenary field of knowledge and of intervention in the area of Mental Health.


Throughout the XX Century it has grown and diversified, thus  exercising an important role in the cultural field. Clinical Psychology has established  dialogues  with the several areas  of human sciences, such as: philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, linguistics, psychiatry, pedagogy, critical theory of the arts, and so forth. Given this  context, Clinical Psychology has been summoned to  assume such cultural insertion and multidisciplinary debate  as a constitutive dimension of both its theoretical and  methodological reflections, as well as its praxis.

The theoretical and methodological focus geared towards the insertion of Psychology in the culture by assuming such multidisciplinary dialogue with other areas of the human sciences constitutes the differential aspect of the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology and Culture - Programa de Pós-Graduação em Psicologia Clínica e Cultura (PPG PsiCC).  The Program offers both a Doctorate - PhD and a Masters Degree - MA.

The Program offers its students the contact with a diversity of approaches in the field of Clinical Psychology. It ensures a rigorous reflection regarding their theoretical, epistemological and methodological dimensions as well as their insertion in the culture e and in society. Another fundamental characteristic of the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology and Culture - PPG PsiCC is the strong articulation between its academic, research, and extension activities.